Want to create a unique atmosphere with warmth and old-world wood fired pizza ambience to your home? You can by installing the latest craze in outdoor cooking ~ a custom Wood Burning Pizza Oven in your backyard! Wood Burning Ovens enhance your meals and make entertaining at home even more enjoyable!
Different versions of the modern day Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens have been used for hundreds of years all over the world. In India, they are called tandoors, cylindrical clay ovens used in cooking and baking. The masonry oven has been used in the Persian Gulf to cook khubz or flatbread for centuries. Even early civilizations realized the simplicity of cooking over a fire outdoors that resulted in sensational tasting food. “There is something Medieval about it, you build the fire and are connected to it more,” says celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.
Wood Burning Pizza Ovens are not just physically sizzling hot – they are also more popular than ever! Jamie has done a lot of cooking in them and featured one in his television series Jamie at Home. “I think it’s gotten fashionable because it’s outside, it’s sociable, and food tastes better in it. I love cooking in it. It’s the old fashioned way.” Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a Wood Burning Pizza Oven in her London Garden. She told People Magazine last September, “I’m using the oven a lot – you can cook anything in there, it’s amazing.” Even though this latest style of cooking with the “newest outdoor appliance” is a big craze among the rich and famous, there is a Wood Burning Oven that fits into all lifestyles and budgets.
Every host and hostess wants to enjoy their guests’ company, with a Wood Burning Oven, or an Outdoor Kitchen, it is easy to chat and laugh with guests while tending to kitchen duties. Wood Burning Ovens are a great alternative to barbecuing. You can use them for everything; roasting meats, stews, fish, sausages, casseroles, vegetables, breads, cookies, desserts, and of course pizza! The hot stone base can be used to sear meat, giving it a moist-rich finish and an incredible smoky flavor; it will also give your pizza crust texture and a taste that will impress your most discerning guests.
A Wood Burning Oven spreads heat around the oven by radiation, all the fire’s heat that has been absorbed by the oven walls, slowly spreads out around the oven. Average walls are 4 inches thick which allows for cooking at a high heat for about six hours. When the oven drops in heat, it is great for slow drying fruits, vegetables and herbs. Outdoor Ovens, with a little bit of maintenance and care, can last for decades without losing their ability to cook. The best part about the oven is that there is no cleaning needed, any grease left in the oven burns off in the heat!
Many Styles of Wood Burning Ovens are Available and are made in the USA. We also design and install Full Outdoor Kitchens, Barbeque Islands, and Outdoor Fireplaces to enhance your Outdoor Living Area.