Driveway – Avalon, NJ 08202

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Our wonderful customers contacted us to replace their 20 year old paver driveway.  A beautiful paver, Techo-Bloc Blu was selected for the stair landing, driveway, and walkway.  Natural Bluestone was selected for the treads of the new stairs and the veneer stone that is used on the risers and wall compliments both of the materials being used in this project.  In order to bring this driveway up to par, we lifted all the pavers and re-leveled the area.  After we had the sub-base fine tuned, pavers started being installed.  The steps were partially demolished, then supported with new block before being finished with natural veneer stone.  A new concrete sidewalk and apron were poured which finish off the curb appeal that this front yard now exudes.

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beachcomber beachcomber 2-17-14 (4) Adding dirt to the pool in order to level out some spots.

BEACHCOMBER 2-20-14 (2)Ripped out all of the old pool patio except for a few trees.

BEACHCOMBER 2-24-14 (1) BEACHCOMBER 2-24-14 (3) Pool was refinished. 20 person hot tub was also built.

BEACHCOMBER 3-19-14 (5) Sub-grade prepped, ready to install some pavers.

BEACHCOMBER 3-21-14 (1) BEACHCOMBER 3-24-14 (1) The design featured swooping lines for a soft, elegant feel.

beachcomber 3-28-14 (11) Almost complete.

PhotoELF Edits:2014:04:07 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop beachcomber complete beachcomber overhead Grand Finale!

This pool patio renovation was such a fun project!  We are always doing something exciting at DiPalantino Contractors.  The beautiful pool, heated hot tub, and patio was enjoyed by all that visited the Beachcomber in Avalon NJ this past summer.  We started working with the board members and the pool company to layout the vision of the future outdoor oasis in the fall of 2013.  Excavation started soon after.  The pool was reconfigured, a hot tub was added and new EP Henry Bristol Stone was installed to create a patio for people to enjoy.  The hot tub was finished with veneer stone and a waterfall gently spills into the pool.  The lights in the pool invite guests to take a dip after dark.  They add an amazing visual effect if you happen to be outside enjoying the warm summer air and spending time with friends.  DiPalantino Contractors works on all types of projects; big and small, commercial and residential, front yard and back yard, on-shore and off-shore .  The pool patio was used for movie nights under the stars, a Bar-B-Que area to have dinner with family, and hours of soaking up the sun.  It was a pleasure to work with the great team at the Beachcomber Resort!  Our professional designer will create an outdoor living space of your dreams.  There are countless options to incorporate into your space.  Living at the beach in the summer we try and experience the outdoors as much as possible.  Let DiPalantino Contractors help make that easier with a custom outdoor living area with audio, lighting, and all the bells and whistles.


Decorative Pavers – Show Your Style

Pavers are classic, they make a bold statement with clean lines and style.  Installing a paver walkway, driveway, patio, or pool deck immediately adds a layer of beauty to your home.  Each project is unique and tailored to our client’s preferences.  In order to enhance another layer of customization, think about adding some PAVER ART.

Creating your own PAVER ART design allows you to let your imagination run wild.  Sports team logos, family crests, corporate logos, streetscapes, even portraits are some of the ideas that you can incorporate into your project.  DiPalantino Contractors will work closely with you to select a design that you will enjoy year after year.  Check out  for more ideas.

Brooklawn-Memorial  paver art

burchaw (8)M10-24 176

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Light Up Your Yard!

Make outdoor gathering spaces usable after dark by installing lighting around your deck, patio, or porch. Whether you’re lighting a walkway, a landscape, or an entire yard, smart outdoor lighting will instantly boost curb appeal.  LED lighting can greatly enhance the safety, security, and enjoyment of your home.

There are many fixture models that are manufactured from a wide range of materials: cast aluminum, brass, copper, high strength composites, as well as advanced plastics. Transformers, once limited to about 100 watts, are available to handle up to 1000 watts and have sophisticated control systems to ensure that the light is there when needed.  Transformers can operate on a timer or photocell.  Photocells are solar powered and covert electromagnetic energy into electric energy to turn your system on or off.

Low voltage lighting can illuminate your entire property using the same energy as one 60 watt light bulb.  It is considerably more efficient than incandescent bulbs and they rarely burn out.  LED bulbs have an outstanding operational life time expectation of up to 100,000 hours. That is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% operation!  LED lighting is now more economical than typical low voltage systems.

Call Mike today and find out more about LED lighting for your home 609.465.9102.  Let us set up a lighting test kit at your home to see how your yard can be easily transformed.

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Building Your Outdoor Kitchen – Top Ten Tips

Outdoor kitchens are a hot segment in many parts of the country. A rebounding trend in outdoor living reveals more and more properties feature outdoor kitchens that once were the province of only the very wealthy.

Today, moving the home’s indoor central meeting place outdoors creates an open-air living space that’s both accessible and inviting as any indoor room.  Great for gatherings and socializing, having a kitchen and dining area outdoors also eliminates some of the indoor mess and hassle of food preparation and makes for a more inclusive cooking experience.

Here are top ten tips to help you plan the design for your outdoor living area!

1. Apply good kitchen design principles for functional zones of the kitchen. Cold areas (refrigeration), hot areas (grills and cooktops), wet areas (sinks) and dry areas (prep counters and storage) must all work together effectively in proper proximity, each with enough allocated space.

2. Remember that indoor and outdoor kitchens are simpatico. The most significant difference between indoor and outdoor kitchen design is often the exposure to the elements. Outdoor rooms bring a whole world of additional cooking options, like open-wood flame or smoking.

3. Select low-maintenance materials and equipment designed to withstand the rigors of an outdoor kitchen. High-quality stainless steel provides a sanitary surface that’s easily cleaned and corrosion-resistant. Counters and patio or decking material should be highly resistant to grease stains and able to withstand high temperatures. Sealed pavers or concrete are excellent flooring options.

4. Complement the design of the home’s architecture and landscape.  Use compatible materials and incorporate subtle architectural details. A fireplace is an excellent anchor. Try to create a feeling of something over your head; pergolas, arbors or other open-air or roofed structures, even the canopy of a shade tree.

5. Plan the entire outdoor entertaining space as part of a single functional plan. Dining areas, cooking areas and pool areas often coexist. Think of these as outdoor rooms and consider the flow of traffic as part of the design.  You don’t want to isolate the cook from the rest of the party!

6. Plan for utilities; keep in mind the best practical placement for the water and electrical outlets.

7. Extend the outdoor entertaining season with heaters, shade and rain shelter.  Natural gas patio heaters can be used effectively under eaves and pergolas. Portable propane patio heaters are another option.

8. Incorporate music or an outdoor television into your design.

9. Provide adequate task lighting as well as ambient lighting to accommodate after-dark cooking and entertaining.

10. Ask yourself these three questions to get an idea of the needs for your new kitchen.

1) How do you cook inside? Outside?

2) Do you do your own cooking at parties or hire a chef?

3) How many people and how often do you entertain?

Call DiPalantino Contractors to help you design and build your dream outdoor kitchen to entertain your friends and family!

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Summer = Time to Move Things Outdoors!


We are all thinking sunshine and warm thoughts as the cold moves out!

Gear up for your spring and summer outdoor activities with a backyard that invites family and friends to gather around, maybe a new pool deck to lounge on, an outdoor kitchen to BBQ in style, or a fireplace to warm up with as the sun goes down.  Create new curb appeal to welcome home you and your guests with a fancy driveway, a new lighted pathway or outline planter beds with edge stones to make them pop along with the beautiful summer flowers!

Weather your home is humble or grand, traditional or contemporary, the challenge is how to approach its landscape while creating an atmosphere that is original and pleasing, filled with personality and character.

DiPalantino Contractors will help you choose the right products and style to transform your project into something special.  Call Mike to set up an appointment to discuss your endless possibilities 609-465-9102, be sure to visit our photo gallery to be inspired as well.IMG_0061IMG_0053IMG_0025IMG_0089

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Sealing your Pavers

sealing 1 sealing 2 sealing

Time to spruce up the yard and get everything in order so you can enjoy the outdoors during these warm months!

Routine maintenance for your pavers is necessary to keep them looking as good as they did when they where installed. Cleaning and Sealing your Pavers will have them looking brand new and will protect them from everyday wear and tear.

There are many benefits to Sealing your Pavers in addition to keeping them clean, including:

  • Protecting Pavers from UV Damage
  • Enhancing Color & Improving Appearance
  • Two Styles of Sealer – Natural or Wet Look
  • Reduces Weeds
  • Reduces Insects
  • Resists Mold
  • Cures Surface
  • Seals from Stains
  • Water Repels
  • Protects from Salts
  • Protects from Chemicals
  • Reduces Rust Absorption

Do you have low areas in your driveway or patio? Does water collect in unwanted areas? We are able to fix that! By lifting up the low area, adding and re-compacting base material, then re-setting the pavers, the area will be good as new.

Edging that holds the pavers in place can become faulty over time as well. The ground freezing and thawing over the winter months or improper installation causes edging to heave up above the pavers that are set.

If you see something like this around your pavers, Call Mike DiPalantino and we will be able to correct the problem.

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Add a Wood Burning Pizza Oven in your Backyard

Want to create a unique atmosphere with warmth and old-world wood fired pizza ambience to your home? You can by installing the latest craze in outdoor cooking ~ a custom Wood Burning Pizza Oven in your backyard! Wood Burning Ovens enhance your meals and make entertaining at home even more enjoyable!
Different versions of the modern day Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens have been used for hundreds of years all over the world. In India, they are called tandoors, cylindrical clay ovens used in cooking and baking. The masonry oven has been used in the Persian Gulf to cook khubz or flatbread for centuries. Even early civilizations realized the simplicity of cooking over a fire outdoors that resulted in sensational tasting food. “There is something Medieval about it, you build the fire and are connected to it more,” says celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.
Wood Burning Pizza Ovens are not just physically sizzling hot – they are also more popular than ever! Jamie has done a lot of cooking in them and featured one in his television series Jamie at Home. “I think it’s gotten fashionable because it’s outside, it’s sociable, and food tastes better in it. I love cooking in it. It’s the old fashioned way.” Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a Wood Burning Pizza Oven in her London Garden. She told People Magazine last September, “I’m using the oven a lot – you can cook anything in there, it’s amazing.” Even though this latest style of cooking with the “newest outdoor appliance” is a big craze among the rich and famous, there is a Wood Burning Oven that fits into all lifestyles and budgets.
Every host and hostess wants to enjoy their guests’ company, with a Wood Burning Oven, or an Outdoor Kitchen, it is easy to chat and laugh with guests while tending to kitchen duties. Wood Burning Ovens are a great alternative to barbecuing. You can use them for everything; roasting meats, stews, fish, sausages, casseroles, vegetables, breads, cookies, desserts, and of course pizza! The hot stone base can be used to sear meat, giving it a moist-rich finish and an incredible smoky flavor; it will also give your pizza crust texture and a taste that will impress your most discerning guests.
A Wood Burning Oven spreads heat around the oven by radiation, all the fire’s heat that has been absorbed by the oven walls, slowly spreads out around the oven. Average walls are 4 inches thick which allows for cooking at a high heat for about six hours. When the oven drops in heat, it is great for slow drying fruits, vegetables and herbs. Outdoor Ovens, with a little bit of maintenance and care, can last for decades without losing their ability to cook. The best part about the oven is that there is no cleaning needed, any grease left in the oven burns off in the heat!
Many Styles of Wood Burning Ovens are Available and are made in the USA. We also design and install Full Outdoor Kitchens, Barbeque Islands, and Outdoor Fireplaces to enhance your Outdoor Living Area.

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Give Thanks that Cape May County is Safe and Sound!

We would like to reach out to our customers regarding Hurricane Sandy that recently passed us.  As you know we were blessed that we did not receive the devastating damage that our neighbors up North have endured.  They are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Our islands did receive massive flooding before, after, and during the storm causing some damage to properties.  If you would like us to inspect and assess your property for any damage to paver patios, pool decks, or retaining walls, please give us a call 609-465-9102.  We are more than happy to inspect your property free of charge and give an estimate for any repairs that might need to be addressed.

Let us hope that we never see a storm like this ever again.

 God Bless Us All!

~ Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday ~

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DiPalantino Contractors to Exhibit at Middle Township Harvest Fest Saturday, October 20th 2012

Visit DiPalantino Contractors and South Jersey Sunrooms at the Middle Township Harvest Fest Saturday, October 20th (rain date 21st)

We will have the beautiful Techo Bloc Trailer and Sunroom Display and will be making Brick Oven Pizzas for all to enjoy!!

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