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Natural Stone, Veneer Stone, Brick and Concrete

Custom Masonry provides breathtaking splendor to your home

Stone Masonry

Bluestone creates a magical effect wherever it is laid. It is easily installed, comes in many shapes and sizes and is very cost effective.  Since bluestone is a natural and quarried product, the color is determined by the depth where the stone is located, the deeper it’s quarried the more unique and enhancing the colors will be.  Rockingham County, Virginia produces one of the largest limestone deposits in the world; the bluestone is darker in color than most other limestone deposits because it was formed in deeper waters exposed to less light. The stone eventually fades from a deep blue to a light grey after prolonged exposure to the sun and rain.

Travertine has exceptional natural beauty and is available in a variety of subtle shades and tones including ivory, beige, walnut, and gold.  Since travertine is a natural stone, it is not subject to color fading.  Travertine is a limestone, or calcium carbonate, that forms in layers around mineral-laden natural hot springs.  It is often incorrectly labeled marble, which is a different type of limestone.  Travertine is an abundant natural resource with incredible durability; many of the ancient ruins we can still enjoy today were constructed using travertine.

Granite is used in many of our projects that include outdoor kitchens.  Color of granites are most frequent grey (from light – to dark grey) with different tints, pink, orange, red, blue-grey, sometimes blue-green.  Granite forms a major part of the continental crust, it often occurs in relatively small masses that are often associated with mountain ranges.  Granite is an igneous rock and is formed from magma but must intrude other rocks making up the composition and colors in the gorgeous stone.

Stone Veneer is a protective and decorative covering for exterior or interior walls and surfaces, you can apply veneer to your walls, paving, counter tops and even floors. The veneer is typically 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 lbs per square foot so that no additional structural supports will be required.   There are two varieties of stone available for this application.  Natural stone and manufactured stone, in some instances it is impossible to tell the difference even up close.  Natural stone veneer embodies the uppermost quality found in natural stone.  Natural stone is unique due to color variations, it will always add an extra aesthetic dimension to the project.  Natural stone is also stronger due to its properties that manufactured stone does not match.  Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone.  It is less expensive than natural stone and light weight eliminating the need for wall ties or footings and makes it easier to install. The variety of designs and colors create options which would not be available with natural stone.

Brick Work

Brick textures give your walkway some added sizzle.  Tumbled brick delivers a rustic, natural feel that instantly sets you apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Genuine clay brick is environmentally-friendly and an excellent long term value.  Additionally, bricks can be cut in any number of shapes and sizes, providing you with the versatility to achieve the perfect look for your home’s exterior, from herringbone to basket weave to running bond.  Hardscape projects using bricks add instant warmth and elegance to sidewalks, walkways, driveways, patios, and poolsides.


There’s a reason that most roadways, bridges and parking lots are constructed from concrete. In terms of strength and long-term structural integrity, concrete is one of the most functional materials available. Whether you own a subcompact car or a large SUV, your vehicle weighs thousands of pounds. Concrete’s immense denseness and strength makes it an ideal load-bearing material. When poured correctly, concrete driveways are also highly unlikely to crack.  When compared to alternative driveway materials such as asphalt or stone, concrete offers numerous advantages. From functionality to design versatility, concrete delivers a complete package that makes it a great material for your home’s driveway, walkway, or poolside.  It is a highly effective material and is also economical.